Who’s behind this site?

I’m James Cooper, a web designer from the UK. I’ve been making sites for over 20 years, so I like to think I know what I’m talking about in the world of the web.

I started replying to SEO spammers and then blogging about them in December 2018 after I was fed up of getting no end of spam from them.

I had hoped that replying might stop the companies spamming me – but it didn’t.

Instead it started a new ‘hobby’ of ‘reviewing’ SEO spammers, what the say and the quality of their own sites. (Why should you trust a company to ‘fix’ your site if their own one is terrible…?)

I also run the biggest Christmas information site on the web – www.whychristmas.com. It gets over 20 million page views a year, yet it’s also the continual target of SEO spammers. So you’ll often see it mentioned on this site.

Isn’t it wrong saying that some companies are spammers?


There are anti-spam laws in many countries around the world (on Wikipedia). The companies which are featured on this site are breaking one or more (or normally ALL) of them by their email actions.

So I’m happy to call them out for breaking the law.

Many also often flat out lie in their emails or make claims which are either completely untrue or that they can’t back up in reality.

Can I send you a spammy SEO email?

Sorry, but no. I get enough of them to deal with on my own!