ProNova Partners – Spammers who want to buy your business

I normally end my post with a conclusion. This time I’m starting with it.

ProNova Partners are spammers. That’s it. If you get an email from them, pressing the delete button is probably your best option.

ProNova Partners, specifically their CEO Rick Carlson, is a prolific spammer. He’s spammed the contact form on my Christmas site on multiple occasions over the last three years.

They want to buy your company (and then I guess sell it on at a profit). I’ve now given up replying as I’ve NEVER had a reply from Rick, just more spam.

All of their spam follows a similar pattern, although the spam templates are changed from time to time.

The latest spam from them had the subject “ProNova Partners = Sold Companies. High Closing Rate AND High Valuations. 130+ Current ‘Q2 2023 Targets for Sale!” and it went:

ProNova Partners would like to collaborate with you on the sale of your business ASAP. Buyer demand is sky-high for our offerings – we closed many of the new engagements we were hired for nationwide in 2022 despite the pandemic and the intial onset of a recession. Valuations are ridiculous {STILL}, our closing timeframes are short, and the good times I’m afraid won’t last forever. Interest rates will rise eventually, which will make it increasingly harder for Buyers to leverage up & pay 4-9x (PLUS) NET income on the best opportunities, plus there lies the possiblity of long term capital gains taxes on the sale of your business nearly doubling in the future possibly….The time is now!

If you’re interested in selling or just checking in on the valuation of your enterprise, please feel free to reach out to me directly to book an appointment {CONFIDENTIALLY} to explore further: [link removed]

On our end – we had 25 closings in 2022, with a dozen more (ranging from $230k to $72MM all-cash) closings scheduled in the next few months and we’re running low on salable inventory again. M&A marches onward despite these uncertain times!!

Some of our recent new engagements just listed include:

$1.67MM+ NET INCOME #1 cybereconomy media outlet for sale, submit the NDA HERE——–>[link removed]
30MM Monthly recurring viewers aviation news website for sale, submit the NDA HERE——–>[link removed]
$2.5MM NET INCOME software engineering and digital media marketing firm for sale, submit the NDA HERE——–>[link removed]

Or check out one of our other 130+ active engagements across all SIC codes / geographies / valuations! You can also bookmark our website, [link removed] to check in on future deals anytime.

I’d ideally like to take some time to begin a discussion on the sale of your Company & we can commence ‘packaging’ this opportunity together so we can hopefully go to market and close by year-end. If you disagree, for whatever reason, hopefully just give me a follow up date that you think makes sense and I can circle back with you at that time.

But why ProNova Partners?

  • We have plenty of cash buyers that are active & decisive acquirers for good inventory.
  • We possess the network and the experiences to orchestrate virtually any transaction from initial consultation to the close of escrow in a timely manner.
  • We pay for upgraded advertising which in turn ensures maximum exposure to your business far beyond our company database of 32,236+ buyers looking for interesting targets.
  • We specialize in highly-sensitive and confidential sales and recognize its importance, therefore all buyers have an NDA on file with us.
  • We work together with our highly skilled team to produce top-tier marketing materials and pitch books that impel buyers to write offers.
  • We are experts in valuation – by applying the correct valuation strategy to your firm, we can therefore negotiate the highest possible price for your business.
  • We understand the importance of time to close, and considering all of the above we also have an average 90 days to close for our buyers / sellers.
  • We are a success fee firm, unless we close the transaction for you, there is no charge to you.

If you’re interested in joining me on a jouney to increase the value of your business, take the value builder score questionnaire and in 12-24 months we’ll sell your business for maximum value, no matter the outcome of tax legislation the improvements to your business will not matter in comparison to the higher sales price we’ll achieve together: [link removed]

What’s your magic #? What’s your exit plan strategy? What are you waiting for?



Rick Carlson
ProNova Partners
[Contacts removed for privacy]

I normally ‘review’ the sites of SEO spammers. I’m not going to really do that here, but I will say the site is full of HTML and accessibility issues.

Instead I’m going to focus on their lack of compliance with the US CAN-SPAM act. They’re a fully US based company. They’ve got a privacy policy on their site and explain CAN-SPAM on it. However, they’re failing to comply with this!

On their Privacy Policy it says:

To be in accordance with CANSPAM, we agree to the following:
• Not use false or misleading subjects or email addresses.
• Identify the message as an advertisement in some reasonable way.
• Include the physical address of our business or site headquarters.
• Monitor third-party email marketing services for compliance, if one is used.
• Honor opt-out/unsubscribe requests quickly.
• Allow users to unsubscribe by using the link at the bottom of each email.

Well, they’re VERY MUCH NOT doing those last two (and three if they’re using a third party emailing marketing company).

They DO NOT have any un-subscription information on the bottom of the spam which Rick sends out.

They DO NOT honour opt-out requests. I’ve asked Rick over three times to stop emailing me. But the spam just keeps on coming.

Also on their privacy page is this:

If at any time you would like to unsubscribe from receiving future emails, you can email us at
• Follow the instructions at the bottom of each email.

and we will promptly remove you from ALL correspondence.

Again, THEY DO NOT have ANY instructions on their spam and they DO NOT ‘promptly remove you from ALL correspondence’ when you ask.

Doing a Google for the first line of Rick’s latest spam shows it’s on A LOT of sites where they’ve spammed contact and comment forms.

So clearly ProNova Partners do not live up to their own privacy policy and are severely in-breach of the CAN-SPAM act.


So to conclude, let me state my opening line again:

ProNova Partners are spammers. That’s it. If you get an email from them, pressing the delete button is probably your best option.

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