SEO Spam Email: Spider Infoserve part 2

Recently I posted one of my SEO Spammy email posts about an outfit called ‘Spider Infoserve’. Today we’re doing a follow up with a series of email exchanges between myself and ‘Richard’ who spammed me (but as we’ll find out, that’s not his real name!).

After I’d done the initial post about Spider Infoserve, I replied to ‘Richard’ explaining what I thought of his services (i.e. not much) and that I really don’t think much in general about SEO spammers.

Normally when I do such replies I hear no more. But not this time! ‘Richard’ (real name Biswa – who’s the founder/boss of the company) just wouldn’t stop emailing me – or answering my questions about himself and the company. It’s really rather eye-opening.

So below are some of the emails in our exchange (which took place over several days), with some extra explanation bits from me.

It starts with a reply from Richard/Biswa who just doesn’t expect that he’s a spammer (even though I sent him links to the UK law called PECR which he’d blatantly broken!). I’d asked about the addresses on their site and if they were really in the USA or in India.

Our main Office Located In India.

Our 6 employee expert in SEO Profile.

We are main location India based company…

So Richard/Biswa has admitted that Spider Infoserve isn’t really primarily based in the USA! To which I replied:

OK, so you’re telling me that you’re primarily based in India. So why, on your website. do list your primary office as being in California? And why do you say in your Meta title that you are the “Best Digital Marketing Company in USA, UK and INDIA” when you’re really in India?

And why does Poonam Priyanka, who’s listed on your LinkedIn profile, use the photo of an American actress?

And I got this from Richard/Biswa:

Yes, You are telling right, you are saying in your Meta title that you are the “Best Digital Marketing Company in USA, UK and INDIA” because to increase our site ranking in google page & listing of there country.

Another admission that they claim to be in the USA and UK because it makes them look better! So I replied asking for some more information about for the first time, about his name…

So are you admitting that you are not truthful on your site then when you say you’re based in the USA?

So you really are in India then. Do you even have an office in the USA?  Is your name really Richard Parker?

I also sent proof that the profile photo for Poonam Priyanka is a fake.

And again Richard/Biswa confirmed this, but we got a bit more information:

Yes, USA only sub-office for seo marketing , Or one thing Marquee Semiconductor Inc. is our corporate company and Spider Infoserve is it’s sister concern.

Now… this is getting interesting. Looking at their clients page, the first client listed is indeed ‘Marquee Semiconductors’. If you look at their site, it has the exact same US address which Spider Infoserve uses and it also has an address in Bhubaneswar! The site for Marquee Semiconductors also isn’t very well set-up – it’s got several HTML and accessibility errors and that site has four H1s on the home page – you want one maximum! It’s also got social icons in the footer that aren’t linked to anything… and it uses the same theme as the Spider Infoserve site. Marquee Semiconductors’ Facebook page has two posts on it. One is an image/logo and the other is a video of what appears to be a Hindu blessing ceremony taking place in an office block in Bhubaneswar (you can see out of the windows). I also found a press release about Marquee Semiconductors, where it says it will be selling products of a US based telecommunitcations company, solely to the Indian market.

So that’s quite interesting. This SEO spammer is connected to a legitimate company and appears to be piggy backing on their reputation (and US address!).

But I still wanted to know more about ‘Richard’ and why they’re happy to have fake information on their LinkedIn page…

OK…  I’d still really like to know if Richard Parker is your real name and why one of your employees is using a fake photo on their LinkedIn profile?

Richard/Biswa still doesn’t think he’s a spammer…

Yes , Believe me. But We are a not a fake/spammer.

But I’d still not had my questions answered, so I asked again:

What does ‘yes’ mean. Does that mean that your name is not Richard Parker?  It’s a simple question to answer!

And you still haven’t answered why one of your employees is using someone else’s photo on their LinkedIn profile…

I got a bit of an answer…

No, Sorry it is her personal choice what can be put the profile picture like depends on her. so i cant saying this. Hope you are got the all details on Spider infoserve.

But I still wanted to know more info, so I asked yet again…

Why can you simply not tell me if your name really is Richard Parker or not? My name is James Cooper, there it’s that simple!

If you won’t tell me, I will have to conclude that your name is not Richard Parker and that you are being untruthful about what your name really is! (Which is not very professional and looks suspicious…)

And so you’re quite happy for your employees to take part in identity theft then?

Finally I got an answer about Richard’s name!

Richard Parker was a employee of spider infoserve before 4 month ago. It is truth & real , My name is Biswa [surname removed for privacy] ,there it’s that simple!

Now Biswa is the founder/boss of Spider Infoserve (at least according to their page on LinkedIn…). I’m also 99.99999% sure that Richard Parker never worked for them but is a fake ‘western’ looking name that’s used to try and make themselves look bigger/more trustworthy.

However, I still wanted to know more why they are/were using an email account for someone who no longer works at the company…

Hi Biswa!

OK. Now you’re the founder (boss?) of the company aren’t you?  That means you’re in charge of things in the business.

So you chose to keep using an ‘old employees’ name (and personal email account) for four months after he left, on an account that makes initial contact with people, and uses a different domain to your main one.

I’m sorry but that really doesn’t seem very professional or honest! I manage email systems for several large companies and charities and if an employee leaves, their account is closed THAT DAY. It not used for spamming people for four months – and certainly not by the boss of the company!

The email you first made contact with me on was [email protected] – NOT an account. 

Why was that? Why the initial contact with people through a ‘non company’ branded domain? (In fact a domain that was registered less than a year ago?)

And I got another ‘interesting’ answer from Biswa:

yes, this id is the most popular id of our office so that it should hold this id ,other thing this id much more existing costumer client are connected .

Don’t worry Now We are work long term relationship .

Have you got a chance to work with you .

Thanks & Regards

I’m not sure what surprised me most about this answer; the fact he just happily admitted using a rather dodgy ID/email (using that after a person had left a company would be dodgy even if the person had ever existed…) OR that he still thought I’d want to work with them!

So I sent a final email explaining my thoughts about their business practices:

No, I DO NOT want to work with you. You are the boss of the company.

You have admitted to being untruthful about where your main office is located.

You are quite happy to allow your employees to use stolen photos (which is identity theft) on their social media profiles (which are linked to your company).

You have admitted that you are using fake identities to spam and contact people.

And your SEO Analysis of my site was completely useless and full of errors and misinformation.

So I wouldn’t trust you to make me a cup of tea, let alone allow you anywhere near my websites!

I’ve not heard back from Biswa after that!


Biswa (and so Spider Infoserve) clearly don’t care about lying about who they are or where they are based.

It really is amazing how brazen so many SEO spammers are (and how many have people with the family name ‘Parker’ working for them!).

So (again) if you get an email from a or email address, the delete button might be the best option.

But the choice, as ever, is yours.

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